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July 28, 2012

Another quick note...

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in "almost heaven" West Virginia.  When I checked the temperature this morning, it was 72 degrees and I decided a nice long walk was in order.  Went out to do my 2-mile route and discovered that there was a marathon going on this morning.  So, as the runners when down one side of the street, I was walking along on the other side.  I think they were probably doing a 5K run...

But I kept to my 2-mile walk and it just was so wonderful to not be burning up, sweating buckets, etc.  And, then having been so good and healthy, I stopped off at our bakery which I noticed when I got back from France has started selling pain du chocolat croissants and I bought one.  Oh, my goodness!!!  Very, very good.  A fair amount more chocolate than the ones I had in France, an incredibly flaky crust, and almost oozing butter.  I will have to be very, very careful and only treat myself to one occasionally.

Also, today is the annual "Hot Dog Festival" down at Pullman Square so I'll have to decide if I'm just going to go ahead and be bad all day.  I should get down there in time to see the "weiner dog" races - never have seen them and think they would be a hoot.  If I do, I'll get a picture or two.

Guess that's it - I'm hoping to get that mini quilt finished this weekend - at least the borders.  I get intimidated when it's time to do the binding and that always creates a delay while I work up my courage to make the attempt. :)

And, my gosh - I just heard great fire truck honkings and a siren or two so went to see what that was all about, and it was a bunch of bikers coming probably from Ritter Park and headed towards Pullman Square.  Big doings in Huntington today!

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Christopher said...

That croissant is making my mouth water!

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