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August 04, 2012

Saturday morning - finished my quilt!

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and have posted it to My Needlework.   Hope you'll take a look and let me know what you think.

Also, if you scroll down there are a couple more posts that were so short and "no big deal" type posts, that I didn't send e-mails to my blog list to let them know they're here.  So if you're one of my e-mail group, take a look and see what else I've been up to.

Today is a very rainy, grey Saturday and I think I may do a bunch of laundry and iron!  A novel idea for me - not the laundry, but the ironing. :)  I was going to get up first thing, take another 2-mile walk (did that last Saturday) and then stop for a pain du chocolat at the bakery.  But I guess I won't be doing that.  Don't feel like I should have the treat if I haven't walked the walk.

I'm also working on making another mini cross stitch tree skirt like the one I made last year so will probably do some of that today.  Need to get to the grocery store and maybe go over to the library this afternoon and work upstairs in the sales room.  They only have sales four times a year, and I started helping the ladies who keep the shelves stocked, etc., a couple of years ago.  It always drove me crazy that when you went looking for books, the only sorting that had been done was by category.  So if you were looking for a particular author, good luck!  One time when I was at a sale, I asked them if they'd by any chance be interested in having me come in and alphabetize all the fiction shelves and they were and I did and the first sale after that they got lots of comments on how great it was that they were in alphabetical order.  So since then, I've been helping keep those shelves stocked and in order and doing other projects for them.  One time they asked me to go through the hundreds of National Geographic magazines they had on shelves, in boxes, etc., put them in order by date and get them all shelved in one spot (when finished they filled 3 or 4 stacks!).  That one about did me in and seemed sort of like a waste of time cause how often is anyone going to come in and ask for a September issue from 1982?  But, they were real happy with it, so that's nice.

Had a real nice afternoon with my friend Peggy on Thursday.  She got some type of ear problem that ended up causing severe vertigo about a month ago, and is only now beginning to get back on her feet a little so Thursday was the first time we had been able to go get a little lunch, do a little shopping and just chew a LOT of fat!  

And that's all the news I have today...


Elga said...

The quilt is gorgeous Mary Lynne, the colors makes me feel like going somewhere to grab an ice-cream!

Now I might ask for dollhouse or cross stitch magazines by month and year.

Christopher said...

The quilt is really, really wonderful! I love the 2nd picture, the bed diagonal... Great job!

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