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August 04, 2012

Saturday afternoon...

Well, best-laid plans of mice and men, etc., etc.

It quit raining and I decided what the heck, I wasn't going to walk two miles but I would walk to the bakery.  They didn't have any pain du chocolat!  But did I just buy my demi-baguettes and leave?  No, I sat down with a cup of tea and a lovely cinnamon roll with an orange flavored glaze. (River and Rail Bakery)

Then I decided as long as I was there I would check out the relatively new shop there, "The Wild Ramp" at Heritage Station which is selling locally produced produce, meats, eggs, jams and jellies, etc. You can visit their website HERE and/or their blog HERE. I had been in a week or so ago just to look.  Went in today and they seemed to have a lot more so I just bought a bunch of stuff and then went to the Bottle and Wedge store (no website yet) and got some locally "grown" cheese - it's sort of between a chevre and cream cheese and is seasoned with Mediterranean herbs.  I've had it before and it is delicious.  So that was all so exciting I came home and arranged a still life - I don't know...am I just weird or actually kind of insane?  Anyway, here are my lovely purchases:

Isn't it all just gorgeous?  And what about those fingerling potatoes!!???  I've never seen such itsy-bitsy ones.  They were just so kind of silly and cute, I had to buy those.  Figured I would roast them after tossing in olive oil and seasoned salt, but then I saw the bank of purple beans so will probably cook the potatoes in with them.  And of course, what's so wonderful about a market like this (aside from the fact that it's wonderful) is if you want one leek, you buy one leek.  I'll slice up some of that and add it to the beans when they cook.

So that was just a real nice outing and I was delighted to see that Heritage Station was really getting some business.  It has been a real struggle for them but if everything can hold on for a year or so more, I'd think it would become a place people want to visit regularly.


Christopher said...

That is one pretty still-life you've composed... The bread and cheese are really calling to me! And yes, those tiny tots are might cute ;) I hope the peaches are nice and ripe and juice!

Chinch said...

I live in the land of Local, Local, Local but seeing your still life makes me think YES!!! I'd love to visit Heritage Station regularly! So weird or insane, you're a darn good promoter!! xoxo

Mary Lynne said...

Had a nice note from Beth who volunteers at the Wild Ramp on Wednesdays. She wrote:

Thanks so much for writing about your visit to the Wild Ramp Market. I'm so glad you have returned again. I know I shop when I finish my time helping there on Wednesday and often run back to get more yummies the other days it is open (W-Sat). Our meals are getting to be almost all local foods now!. The farmers bring in fresh things all the time, and each day can have new produce.

If anyone who reads your post wants more daily info they can subscribe to the blog at http://www.wildramp.wordpress.com

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