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August 10, 2012

To heck with miniature quilts...

Today I became a jigsaw puzzle maker!!  There's a site called jigidi.com where you can go work puzzles and periodically I rediscover it and become obsessed with working puzzles for a few days.  Today, I looked through page after page of puzzles of buildings, trying to find something from Florence.  Finally did find one of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge but I wanted the Duomo!!

So I looked to see if I could upload one of my pictures to make a puzzle and I could and I did and now you all need to go work my Duomo puzzle.

Here's the link:  Brunelleschi's Dome - Florence   And here's the picture I used:

 So, pretty cool, right?  Of course, I love jigsaw puzzles - when my sister and I were growing up, even after we got too old for Santa Claus to bring us lots of presents, he still always left a puzzle under the tree for us and we would spend Christmas day and however long after getting it put together.  And when I was grown, my stepfather also loved jigsaw puzzles and usually had one going when I would go home for a visit and I'd get drawn in.

If you decide to try the puzzle here are a few things that might help.  When you click "solve this puzzle", it goes to a page full of puzzle pieces (in the case of my puzzle, 204 pieces).  Up in the right hand corner is where you can zoom in or zoom out, the double line puts it on pause and takes you back to the picture, and the puzzle pieces are already turned the right way.  You still have to find where they go, but you can't turn them this way and that.

I hope lots of people try it - it takes a while, but when you get tired, you can pause it and come back to it later.  And be careful - you may get hooked!  If you decide to make a puzzle from one of  your pictures, be sure and let me know. :)


otterine said...

Hahahaha....I've been addicted to jigzone.com these past few weeks. I do the 100-piece classics when I need a "break" in between things.

Chinch said...

Don't know how you find the time but I know it will be a while before I do. I still love jigsaw puzzles too but I think it will have to be one of my winter projects (the list of which just grows and grows!). It's a fun idea to be able to use your own pics for puzzles. xoxo

Christopher said...

Thanks for sending the Iceland church, and your dome... yours was harder for sure---more pieces, and I wasn't sure for a long time what view I was working on!

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