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August 16, 2012

I finished another project!

This is another white wire wicker-look dollhouse miniature.  It came with a "naked" seat and I was going to use some leftover strips of the patchwork quilt I had just finished to cover it but that didn't work out.  So I did it this way.  Covered it with some pretty, sun-room type fabric and button tufted it with teeny tiny dark green buttons.

Then started the saga of the pillows.  A couple of times in the not too distant past I had tried pillows and either threw them out or just wasn't very happy with them.  So I decided I would use cross stitch fabric, stitch a little posy on them, sew it to a backing of cross stitch fabric and fringe the edges.  No turning right side out, etc.  Well, the posy idea fell by the wayside real quick.  So I decided "okay, a trellis" which is what you see here.  Got it all done (after experimenting with trying to actually weave it on the fabric which didn't work at all), and started stitching it together (that's the dark green around the trellis).  Had decided to stuff it with polyester fill and was finished with the first side when I suddenly realized I was on my way to sewing the whole thing together with no stuffing!  Managed to rectify that and continued stitching it together which was way harder than I had thought it would be.  Got it all done and was disappointed with how small it looked and how flat.  So that's when I decided to make pillows out of the seat fabric.

And eureka!!  After trying to make the first one and having the same awful time as I had the last time or two I tried, I was thinking and thinking and for some reason suddenly remembered what it is you're supposed to do and what I used to do, apparently back in the dim past.  So I got to work again, didn't encounter any real problems, stuffed them with micro beads which is a popular method with mini pillows cause then they're squishy, and there it is.  And the little cross stitch one looks fine with a nice bigger puffy one behind it.

Now, I think I'll make more pillows just to get the right method firmly planted in my mind!

 The End!

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Christopher said...

Dunno how I missed this post... probably Iceland ;) The cushion set looks great for this sofa/daybed!

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