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July 07, 2012

Sophia visits Huntington!

I met up with Sophia and her mama on Sunday, July 1, with both of us driving half the distance (about a 4 hour trip for each of us so it's nice to meet halfway).  We've been having quite a nice time I think and she seems pretty pleased to be here.  She is truly a delightful little girl and for having to sometimes deal with a crotchety old grammy who is used to a very quiet life, she's very well behaved.

I've taken pictures here and there as we've been out and about, but always with my I-phone cause I never think to take the camera with me.  Here's what I have as of Saturday, July 7.

 Saw this in the MIAPP (made in Appalachia) store and it just cried "Sophia" to me so it was waiting to welcome her when she arrived.
 Walking back from eating in the bathtub at Hillbilly Hotdogs - this is outside the post office.
 A blue macaw(?) that visits Pullman Square fairly regularly and which Sophia was pretty much enthralled with.  The owner puts him on peoples' heads and Sophia wanted that but her mean Grammy said "no".
This was our lunch date with a friend of mine and her granddaughter.  I took a picture of both of them but it was way too blurry to be any good.  This was taken at Crumpets and Tea where they have more teapots and teacups than I've ever seen in one spot!
 After Crumpets and Tea, a stop at the Pet Palace and a chance to pet a very peaceful bunny.
 Sophia has really been enjoying January's big collection of Legos (as did my grandson Johnny when he used to visit).  One evening she announced she had a surprise for me and "close your eyes".  I did and when she said "open" she presented her "kingdom of heads"!  Where do children get such crazy and fun ideas?  She had gone through and picked out as many Lego heads as she could find and this was the result.  She's since added to it and now has a nice round number of 40 heads. :)
A close-up cause I just pretty much fell in love with it.


Chinch said...

She sure is a darling (so is the little MIAPP guy you had waiting for her) and how nice that she wants to stay longer. Our weather has cooled quite a bit; hope yours has also. Looking forward to a long chat. xoxo

Christopher said...

Sophia looks like she's zoning out, petting the rabbit! And the totem of Lego heads is pretty neat. Hope you're staying cool... looks like the heat breaks here tomorrow.

January said...

I love the kingdom of heads! You'll have to let her know I approve of her use of my old Legos :) Also, she struck a very jaunty pose with that memorial statue! What a cutie. I'm glad you're both having a good time!

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