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November 03, 2013

Back to Huntington tomorrow but first...

I got to Chris's Friday late afternoon after a nice visit with Heather, Alex and the grandkiddies and then a quick, but nice visit with January and Maggie.  Chris had already let me know that he and two friends of his were going to make their annual trip out to Rappahannock, VA for the Artists of Rappahannock Studio and Gallery Tour and that I was welcome to come along if I wanted to.  Well, of course I did so I did!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and as far as I know I'd never been out to Rappahannock and was thrilled with how lovely the countryside was.

There's not really too much to report on - we all managed to find something to spend some money on - I bought a piece from Nol Putnam, a blacksmith who is one of Chris's favorite artists and has done some magnificent iron gates for the National Cathedral in D.C.  I also bought an artist's proof of an etching by Margaret Rogers whose work is exactly the type I like.  I think I'm going to replace my rather pitiful New York City photo that I enlarged and hung in my bedroom window recess with this.

So, what I will do now is just post the pictures I took and pretty much let them speak for themselves (not too many as we had to keep busy getting from gallery to gallery - they were spread out all over the county!  But the day itself was one continuous picture for me.

In the little town of Washington - the starting point for the tour.
 Nol Putnam's yard outside the studio...

Tiny little pine cones - maybe about 1/2" which reminded me of the pinecones on the gigantic redwoods - they're tiny too.
I'd assume these are pretty contented cows :)

Back at Chris's that evening, this was the view from his balcony:

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get an early start home and probably spend a couple of days settling in as usual.  And, when I go to restock the fridge and pantry, I will definitely be getting a chuck roast, potatoes and carrots for my first pot roast- it is way overdue and then comes the chili from the leftovers - oh happy day!


Christopher said...

Sure was a fun, pretty day out in the countryside - glad you got to finally participate, and pick up your "first Nol Putnam" ;)

chinch said...

Maybe you've found your place to retire and be nearer the kids? Gorgeous, gorgeous place!! In the meantime, welcome home and hope you've had an easy trip back. xoxo

January said...


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