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November 25, 2013

Photos in my camera

I seem to always be grabbing my camera to take a picture of something "for my blog" and then they sit in my camera.  So, today I'm emptying my camera!

November 13 - our first snow of the season - this was taken when I woke up that morning.  I went out later to run errands and it was more impressive where there were bushes and such to catch the snow than it was downtown.  Right now, the weather is saying possible snow tomorrow too.

 I'm pretty sure I posted a picture of this in one of my California posts, but this was my favorite souvenir (aside from lots of nice wine) from that trip.  It's a trivet with the logo of the Ravenswood Winery on it.  I loved the logo plus which I knew it would look great in my red, black and ivory kitchen.

I said I would post photos of my two purchases at the Rappahanock Arts Festival so here they are.  I need to get the etching framed, of course.  It is the work of Margaret Rogers and I had a hard time deciding what to buy - I loved almost every single piece in her gallery!

This leaf is ironwork from Nol Putnam.  As I said in my post about that trip to the festival, he has done numerous large pieces for the National Cathedral in D.C. and I'm delighted to own even a small piece of art created by him.  This was apparently his last year in the festival and he plans to "retire" although with an artist of his caliber, I'm pretty sure he will still be working.

This next picture shows (barely) where I think I'll be displaying these two pieces.

The etching will hang where it's taped here and over on the other side where just the side of a lamp shade shows is where I think I'll hang the leaf.  I think the light shining up from the lamp will set it off nicely and I plan to hang it at a slight angle with the leaf pointing down.  And then I think that wall will have all it can handle!

 I woke up one morning and looked out my windows to make sure the world was still there and it was, but I saw that brilliant yellow-green on the street and thought "my gosh, what are they doing there!?"  I got my binoculars and saw that, in fact, the three trees standing there were bare naked and had apparently during the night just dropped all their leaves - they obviously hadn't really blown off cause there they were.  It was kind of intriguing really - did some kind of signal go out?  "Ok, guys when I count to three, we're all going down, right?"  At any rate I took two because the shadow shifted throughout the day but never was the whole place in bright sunlight.  Walked past there a day or two later, and, after Googling to make sure, I can tell you they are gingko trees!  Who would have thought it?  I apologize for the fuzziness - I zoomed in quite a bit...

 This is my latest finished cross stitch - miniature, of course.  It took me forever partly because there were 21 colors and lots of stitches, but mostly because I just didn't work on it regularly.  I started a little Christmas one yesterday and hope to have it finished today or tomorrow.  It's much simpler, obviously, but also, I 'm just kind of in a cross stitch mood.

And, finally, I've posted this picture before but I keep it and look at it every now and then just to have a little smile.  After waking up to a fairly nasty, anonymous letter delivered to everyone in the building and then getting an e-mail telling me one of the residents had a bicycle stolen out of our garage, I quite needed a little smile, so when I saw this in my photos file, I thought I would post it too.  Her expression pretty much covers how I felt after reading the letter!
Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I'm going to be brining for the first time ever - got a small roasting chicken because that same Ravenswood Winery sent me an e-mail for a brined roasted chicken that uses half a bottle(!) of one of their wines in the sauce.  I'll be posting about that, no doubt. :)


Christopher said...

How utterly curious about the ginkgo trees! Though I do recall seeing them in years past, and either they are full of leaves, or 100% bare -- never any middle ground it seems. Did your research reveal if this is a characteristic of the tree?
Love that little cross stitch house - reminds me of one of your earliest doll house builds...
And I can't wait to hear about the chicken -- with that much wine in the brine, it must be fine, and I'll wish it were mine! (tee hee!)

Chinch said...

I don't know -- I kind of think you could consider a little something above and/or below the etching. Hate to think of you running out of hanging space!! Our swamp maple trees dropped their leaves that way this year -- they were looking so gorgeous, we went out to do some errands, came home, nary a leaf. Am planning to give you a call tomorrow. xoxo

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