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October 21, 2014

Monday and it's all about the water

I didn't do any major sightseeing because when I got myself out, it was, as usual, a beautiful morning and, finally, the water was all churned up.  I had actually begun to think maybe the Mediterranean Sea just didn't ever get much in the way of waves, or maybe all those rocks they've placed a short distance from the sea wall effectively stops the wave action, but this morning proved me wrong and I was so enthralled with it I had a really hard time pulling myself away from it.  Took many, many pictures, but as I learned when I tried to catch waves on the camera while I was in California, it's very seldom you succeed - at least if you're me.  So I'm not going to post all that many and this will be a relatively short post.  So here is the Mediterranean Sea as active as I will probably see her.  I made the first one full size because I actually caught it as it hit the wall and sprayed and I've noticed that Blogger no longer lets the viewer increase the photo to a really large size.  Don't know if this will show up on your monitor or not.

Actually most of you have screens a lot larger than my little notebook so I'll make a few of these original size.  Just because I can, she said imperiously.

 Just another one to show how crystal clear the water is - of course it's shallow here, but still...

 I took this picture to say "I'm going out on that rock" and I did.  When I got there it was wonderful with waves crashing everywhere.  There were two very sweet young ladies who were trying to get pictures of each other and I offered to take one of both.  Then I was able to ask them to take one of me to show that I did go out there.  Poor things, they took four photos trying to catch a wave behind me.

 And I couldn't stand not sharing the action so here is a video I uploaded to YouTube that you can watch by using this link.  I hope some of you will watch it and enjoy it almost as much as I do. :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TppTPDS7c9Q

So, actually, not too much left after that - I retraced my steps of Saturday and sure enough, it was the spring/glade/pool/whatever of Arethusa and it was a statue of Alpheus (river god) chasing Arethusa. (nymph) This pool is where they both ended up "and he mingled his waters with hers".  So he got what he wanted and Ortigia got a lovely fresh water spring and pool which was, in ancient times, held in reverence as a holy place.  Here are a few perhaps better shots than what I had for Saturday...

And just a few wandering back to the hotel pictures and I think I'm done.  I didn't have an actual dinner Monday night - went back to the Clandestino place cause they had wi-fi and the hotel's wasn't working most of the time.  Had the little finger foods again with a glass of white wine and had a spot of conversation with the women who work there which is always nice.
 One of several restoration projects I've come across
 A neat arty street which doesn't come across in the picture but I posted it anyway.
And arriving back at the hotel, the sea is once again quite calm and this is a very blurry picture.

And it's Tuesday around 9:15 p.m., I've just come back from an absolutely truly delicious meal at Caravaggio's (the pizza place) and this time I didn't have to bring home a plastic bottle of wine.  He let me have a quarter liter of nice cold white.  A little more about that in Tuesday's post.

Buona sera!


Christopher said...

Beautiful weather you're having, if hot! At least you have shady streets here and there, too. And have you gone down into the water (at least your feet?) at all? I think you should! That photo of the rock you went out onto -- looks like it has a staircase right down into the water, so you could at least get your feet wet, safely ;) Glad to hear the food is hitting your spot, too ;)

January said...

That water sure is somethin' else! It's SO BLUE. Hooray for the nice ladies who took your picture after you were a nice lady and took their pictures. It's nice to see *you* along with Italy! xox

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