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October 22, 2014

THE TREE (and I know what kind it is)


I looked up this name and my big sis was right - this is a type of banyan tree.
This first picture with the family who I began to worry would never leave makes me glad they stayed long enough for me to take a picture with them in it cause it gives a good idea of the size of the main trunk.  They weren't way out in front of it, they were fairly close.

And I have to admit the rest til the last one are pretty similar, but I took many, many and am putting in not too many.  And how can you post just one or two pictures of such a mavel??

 And this last one I took because as I finally made myself walk past the tree I saw this big thing laying on the ground and on closer inspection realized it was a root!  Looked like part of a dinosaur's foot or something.
Anyway, I was totally impressed by it and glad my trip to Archimede's tomb took me past it.

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Christopher said...

Wow.. did anyone tell you the age (guesstimate) of that tree? I think I remember reading they drop down those vertical "trunks" off branches, to help pull up more water... Very impressive specimen!

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