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April 26, 2015

Exciting News

at least for me.  I've posted before about this wonderful, delapidated, desperately in need of help house here in Huntington that I have admired for years and wished that it could be saved by someone.  I know I posted about it back a year or two or three ago and posted pictures of it but, of course, I can't find that post.

Anyway, one of the "big" news items in the Sunday Herald Dispatch this morning at Starbucks was about that house.  I knew it had had some work done on it but today's article had some pictures and information about the history of the house and builder and was just a real good read for me.  I'm providing the link to the Herald Dispatch article and also to the foundation that was formed when the house was left to the people who started the foundation.  Hope some of you will take a look and if you're interested in preservation of landmark buildings, maybe even send in a small contribution.  We've always seemed to be a country that tears down it's buildings before they have a chance to get old!  But I think the National Register of Historic Places is helping slow that down,

The Herald Dispatch Ger
 The Foundation

I got myself over to the house today and took a few pictures and was so glad to see the progress.  The house had two or three additions  going out from the back of the house and they were very ramshackle and unattractive.  Those have all been demolished now which is great and the roof is new and not hanging here and there.  They've painted it and it just is wonderful to see it looking like someone has finally decided to halt its demise.

It's a shame the location is so poor but that's where it was built and I imagine once the original owner let it go, the property around the house got bought up for various commercial purposes.  

Not much else to report really - went to the grocery store yet again - I swear for being a one-eater household I sure spend a lot of time and money at that place.  When it came to thinking about dinner this evening I really couldn't get too inspired and looking in the fridge I discovered that I had put part of a chicken breast in a baggie and also had some of a zucchini and yellow squash sitting in there.  And I had just noticed yesterday that I had an unopened package of the fig goat cheese I love so much.  I also had brought home two half bottles (or whatever size they are) of Prosecco from my last visit to the kids and was thinking that would be tasty - nice and cold and bubbly.  So I got out a "special" plate and fixed up a smorgasboard I guess.  I chopped up the chicken, sliced the squash, marinated it in some olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic powder and some curry powder and then cooked it in my toaster oven. Meanwhile, I nuked a wee bit of broccoli florets, sliced up some of my favorite little tomatoes, put my cheese in a little "thing" and that and the tomatoes on a small sushi tray, then put everything together, added some very thin and crisp crackers,  poured out some Prosecco, and voila!

Dinner!  (sort of...)
and it was very tasty too.

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