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May 03, 2015

Deleting one recipe, adding another

I'm going to delete the Lamb Shank Moroccan Style recipe because I said it it, I will probably never make it again because it was so much trouble.  And I'm replacing it with Moroccan Beef Stew - loosely based on various tagine recipes I've seen and the lamb shank recipe.

A month or more ago, I bought my "last pot roast til fall" chuck roast and when I went to cook it I realized it was way bigger than normal so I cut off a hunk and froze it.  We've been having such chilly weather that yesterday I thought I would defrost it before the weather turns hot.  I remembered that lamb shank and thought I would adapt that to the beef and not just make another pot roast so I did.

It was (she said modestly) very tasty and tonight I'm going to take some of the leftovers and make a "sort of" shepherd's pie I think.  So, actually I won't post this until I've done that and will let you know how that worked out.

I only took a couple of pictures - was having such fun with it I kept forgetting to shoot as I cooked.  But here's the beginning:

And, here's the end.  I was sitting there just chowing down and then thought "oops - better take a picture before it's all gone!"  The meat was nice and tender and the flavor was very, very tasty and an interesting change from my beloved pot roast. :)  This would definitely serve two but I like having leftovers so it's nice for one too.
Update:  The shepherd's pie was quite edible but when I make this stew again, I will make a few changes as outlined in the recipe.

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