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July 21, 2015

National Cathedral Visit

I know I've posted other pictures of the cathedral in the past but I've been there twice on this visit (once with Sophia) and the second visit was probably around 5 or 5:30 p.m. and the light was just so beautiful on the front of the cathedral that I took more.

Plus which, the computer that I'm posting from is my brand new 11" I-Mac Air and I think I'm really going to like it.  I always said I would never switch because it would be so much to learn but with Chris's help and then doing an in-store comparison between it and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with keyboard, I just decided it was the better choice for me and they'd both have learning curves.

So I edited these photos with the program that's already in the Air and I think it's going to be fine.  I've never done fancy editing anyway - my photos aren't really worth investing in and learning a complex program.  What's nice is to see them on this new screen.  Both my old laptop and my netbook seemed to have darker screens so I was probably lightening a lot of my photos more than was necessary.

Anyway, I've had a nice visit with January and Maggie with a delicious(!) sushi dinner.  We all were stuffed when we left the restaurant but oh, boy it was good!  I've quit getting sushi as a solo diner cause part of the enjoyment with sushi is to have a variety of rolls.  Then I imposed a little longer on Chris's hospitality because of the computer study and purchase and now today, I'm going to be leaving shortly to go to Heather's for a quick overnight visit so I can see her new workshop, gift shop, any baby alpacas that might be around, and help Sophia finish the pillow she worked on at my house.

And I just found another thing I need to ask Chris about - as I was typing I reached the bottom of the screen and when it went to the next line, it didn't scroll to let me see that line.  Hopefully there's something to fix that.

Now, here's my pictures - old camera, new computer.

 The sunlight on the front of the building just made it glow...you can see in the upper right corner a bit of the scaffolding being used during the repair of the 2011 earthquake damage which I learned on this visit has an estimated cost of $26,000,000 and will take, I think they said, 11 or 12 years!

The next one is of a really large fungus(?) that was growing on the stump of a tree that had recently been cut down.  Kind of one of those "so ugly it's beautiful" type things.

 The very rotten inside stump - good they cut it down probably.

This enclosure has some of the pieces that fell off the building during the quake.

This was a little later with the sun down a little further.  It is truly a beautiful building and if you're anywhere near DC or go for a visit sometime, you might want to visit it - it's pretty much a national treasure as it is filled with gorgeous ironwork, beautiful stained glass windows, lots of carved wood - all done by artisans from around the country.

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