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February 12, 2017

Rotisserie chicken - the solo cook's friend

I just finished making a batch of my curried chicken "pate" and am letting it sit to absorb the flavors. I made it with left-over rotisserie chicken and even though I've posted about it before I thought I'd post what I've done with this most recent chicken. First, by the time I got it home I was famished partly from smelling it all the way home from the store.  So my first meal from it was basically standing in the kitchen and cutting off a thigh and drumstick and eating it while it was still hot.  Not a pretty picture but juicy good!

Next I made a chicken pot pie (recipe here) and the crust wasn't too attractive but it still makes a very tasty, comfort food dinner.

Now today as I said, I've made a batch of the curried chicken pate (recipe here) which will be enough for two lunches.

And I still have a whole leg and some breast meat left. That will be more than enough to make a curried chicken tikka masala type dinner. No recipe here--I use a bottled sauce and always add a little milk or cream to it, some frozen peas and lots of times some chunks of tomato which I add right at the end just to heat them up. I serve that with the naan bread I buy at the grocery store which is very good.

So no pictures this time. Just a reminder that those rotisserie chickens are a wonderful boon for the solo cook. Bring one home, enjoy your first meal that evening while it's still hot, then after it cools take the meat off the carcass (I left the meat on the thigh and drumstick), put it in the fridge and come up with your own ideas for other meals - in a pasta sauce or a noodle casserole, a delicious salad (the kind with nuts and grapes), whatever floats your boat.

For my $4.99 bird I will have had 3 dinners and two lunches and that's hard to beat.

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