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April 02, 2018

Mostly pictures (for a change!)

But a little intro - After my birthday trip to Asheville I drove up to Chris's so we could go to an Apple store and get all my "stuff" straightened out.  On Monday, 3/12, I drove back home but I didn't make it - had a truly terrifying accident on a bridge east of Beckley, WV,  lost complete control of the car, slammed into a bridge abutment (fortunately it was a good one!) and ended up spending the night in a hospital there and losing my much loved 15-year old Hyundai Elantra.  I also ended up with enough pain on my left side that I had taken to sleeping on the couch - although I'm happy to report that the last two nights I've been back in my bed.

Friday, March 30 was a beautiful day (and there have been very few of those lately - mostly rain, rain, rain) so I decided to go beyond my walk to Starbucks and see how the river was doing.  It was quite high - flooded almost up to the top of the stairs going down to the lower walkway - but very still and lovely as always.  So I had to take some pictures - I do love this river!

I'm always delighted when I can get a picture with a reflection in the river...

 This was the only tree in bloom and it's a beauty.  I realize the picture below has that big dead branch hanging down from another tree, but I didn't have a saw with me!

This gorgeous mallard's iridescent green neck doesn't show up at all in the photo but it was gleaming in the sunlight.  All the ducks looked much bigger than usual.  Maybe when they fly down south, they all get fattened up?

Then on Saturday,  I woke up from my couch slumber, turned my head to look out the window and this is what I saw:

Nothing!  Made me happy I was all snug inside and also made me happy I live up high and can see so much from my oversized windows - even if it's dense fog.  Once I got up and closer to a window, I took the picture below...

Once again, it was a rainy day.

So that's it - just a bit of the beauty and invisibility of good ol' West Virginia.  I am carless and hope to get that taken care of next week after I'm done with my doctoring.  But I sure do miss my little "I can do it" Hyundai. :(

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Christopher Budny said...

Pretty trees! And yes, your windows have great views... even when it is totally fogged in, it is still kinda cool!

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