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When I started my retirement travels - the first of which was my solo overseas trip to Italy in 2009 - I wanted a way to share it with family and friends as it happened. Hence, "My Travel Journal". However I realized I wouldn't always be on a trip and wondered what to do with the blog in between times. My daughter pointed out, wisely, that travels can also include trips to the kitchen to try a new recipe, trips to visit family, trips to my neighborhood Starbucks, or a fun day trip with a friend. You're welcome to join me on any of these journeys!

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I recently added an "Italian Word a Day" thingie which shows up at the bottom of every page. You see the word and can click to hear it pronounced. I've been enjoying it and I think my accent is improving as time goes by.

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June 14, 2010

Look What We Saw Friday Evening!

So, Friday evening we were sitting in the living room with the French doors open all quietly reading or working on our little rugs and such when there was a whoosh outside and Larry said "that sounded like a hot air balloon".  I went to look and sure enough, there were two of them in the sky.  Ran for my camera and by the time I got back, there were three of them.  I couldn't seem to stop taking pictures and I lost exact count of how many we saw, but I know it was more than 10 - I'm thinking either 12 or 13.  Each one different.  I wish they had come closer and lower but they were still beautiful to see.  I had never seen an all white one before and I guess because of that, I'd have to say that it was my favorite.  It was luminous...here they are  and there's a bunch...I took multiple shots of each balloon or group of balloons but am taking pity on you and not posting them all. :)  Sorry the pictures aren't better - I tried closeups several times and that made for blurrier pictures.  But you'll get an idea of what fun it was watching them appear in ones and twos...

One poor balloon was all by itself and looked to be aiming for the sun so I couldn't get a picture of him.  Sure hope he landed somewhere - he kept going up higher and higher...


Christopher said...

How cool to have a balloon launch basically in your back yard! I've always wanted to go up in one...

Mary Lynne said...

Boy, not me!!!

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