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June 14, 2010

Short and Sweet - Shelburne Falls on Sunday

Shelburne Falls is where Va and Larry used to live.  January and I visited them once while they were living there and both loved it.  And each time I've been here for a visit, we always end up going back.  It's a beautiful little village and I'm going to let the pictures I took prove it!

Close but not quite there yet - this looks like a pretty tourist-y place and I'm sure they get a fair amount of business from tourists, but their "stuff" seems like very nice quality and it's where Va buys her mocassins that she likes to wear around the house.  I almost talked myself into a pair of soft leather loafer type shoes that seemed like they might be good for walking, but decided I'd wait a bit for that.

Same place - their teepee and a totem pole type thing laying on the ground.  Don't know what the item on the left is.

One fantastic house...

Two fantastic house...

Teensy, weensy house but delightful...

And probably my favorite - all you miniaturists out there - get to work!!!

There are any number of beautiful houses in the village but I really couldn't take a picture of every single one - we would never have got back home.

One of the prettiest scenes in Shelburne Falls is the Bridge of Flowers...
From the street looking down the length of the bridge...
This is looking at it from the bridge that is now used for traffic...

And this is the entrance to the bridge, now used just for walking.

Lots of wonderful shops also - especially galleries.  I didn't take pictures of those, but they're always pleasant to browse in. Also there is the Salmon (yes, that's correct - there used to be a lot of salmon in the river there) Falls Artisans' Showroom which is wonderful to visit and makes one wish one was a lot richer than one is (at least this one).

We did some other running around Sunday, but this was the highlight of the day.  This and our stop for lunch at Stubby's - one of those shiny silvery small trailer type things that was right past the moccasin store.  We decided yesterday that we'd just maybe have a hot dog for lunch all the remaining days that I'm here (we both have a real affection for them) so yesterday was Stubby's and it was good.  I hadn't thought that it would be served on those New England style buns but of course it was and I love them!  And cheap?!!  Yes!!!

And one last picture - we stopped at the Lady Killigrew Cafe again on the way home to take another look at the used book store and this time I got a nice picture - this one is of the back of the building where there are stairs down to the night-time restaurant which overlooks a waterfall that at this time of year is really a good one.

More tomorrow (although just like in Florence I seem to be running at least a day behind).


Christopher said...

I'm really curious to hear about the Artisan's Showroom, since Josh Simpson took over ownership... Was it heavily focused on his glass, or does he still have a wide variety of artists on display? (Sure do love the sofa table I bought from them, prior to his takeover...)

Mary Lynne said...

Yes, there's a lot of his work all through the showroom, but plenty of other arts represented also - delightful paintings, beautiful wood work (including furniture), some other glass work and so on. And there are beautiful oriental rugs all over the floors and they're for sale too - don't think they're artisan made (at least here), of course, but wonderful to walk in and see everywhere. You'd still enjoy it, I know.

Daniel Lieberman said...

Thanks, Lynne. I've linked to this on the Shelburne Falls Facebook Fan Page.

vrmichie said...

What a treat to see all my favorite places appearing on your blog and looking better than any pictures I'd take of them. And Chris, if your table is by Tom Kulinski (sp?) and I think it might be, he's got some awesome stuff at the showroom including huge spalted maple wall hangings that I adore. And if your table isn't by him, I guess you'd better get here for a visit :). xoxo

January said...

I still have pictures of the flower bridge from when we visited ... 22 years ago??!! Yikes. Did you get a chocolate croissant? :)
Still beautiful and lovely!

Mary Lynne said...

So, January - is the bridge the same amount of "lush" back 20 years ago as it is now? I was telling Chinch about our trip way back then...It's a very nice memory.

Deborah said...

How lovely to see your words and photos about the hidden treasures that make Shelburne Falls so special!

Would love to show you more of the sights here next time you come!

To "January", who was here 22 years ago to enjoy Marty's chocolate croissants.... The Riverside Restaurant closed in 1993 but Marty went on to develop the bakery at the health food store in greenfield and he left them with his recipes and techniques. You can always come learn direct from him if you like though... check out Riverside Healing Arts and Marty's "The Little Cooking School" at http://www.thelittlecookingschool.com


Mary Lynne said...

Thanks for taking time to visit, Debbie and especially for leaving a comment. It's always exciting to hear from a new visitor...Your site looks interesting and your little cooking school sounds like a great idea!

Mary Lynne

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